Challenge Law Firm 

Clients Testimonials

Desiree Schulz
Fakhoury Global

They extremely knowledgeable and very organized in communications&
response times were suburb. 

Challenge Law Firm is a leading law firm in Egypt provides legal services to national and multinational companies and individuals. We are providing a wide range of legal services such as corporate, IP, Immigration, labor, drafting contracts....etc... We are extremely devoted to provide our clients with a high quality services with less cost and in time. 

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time and providing good quality services and always keeping them in the loop of what's going on. We are available to answer all your queries at any time.  We are fighting for your rights.


Social Role

Challenge Law Firm believes that we have a role towards our Society to grow and to assist others to grow with us; a matter that encourages us to assist many small business to start up through answering queries of potential clients on free consultations basis and provide them with smart ideas to invest in Egypt and successfully start their own business. We also, support our small clients to get known and expand in the country through linking them with other clients and service providers who are interested to cooperate with them.  

We believe that being a lawyer is not any easy mission only to gain money however, it is a burden on our shoulders to create a culture awareness of legal rights for individuals and entities. We will continue in spreading our positive ideas and will lunch soon many of them that will assist in building such legal awareness………..

Shelly Dall

Handles our cases with due diligence, care and quality
expected. They provide us with quick response without any delay. We had very prompt and professional service from CLF. 

Maite Calo

providing a high quality service and pays attention to any detail giving an excellent result in all the works they perform. They ready to give the best and practical advice to solve the most difficult situation.


Our Services

Every business needs legal consultant to be legally established. You need a lawyer to guide you to fulfill your obligations and have your rights whether you are a small or a large company. Challenge Law Firm can help run your business and start up. We will help you to expand your business, grow faster and enhance your company's performance. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our experts so, we can determine what your company's needs. 

Renata Almeida

We got an excellent work from Challenge Law Firm. All our queries were replied in time our case was treated with due diligence, care and quality expected.