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Challenge law firm has a qualified  team of lawyers and consultants each of them has a wide and long experience in the Egyptian legal market.

During the past years, Challenge law team has gained the trust of their clients through their attitude, care and loyalty in performing their tasks. The work has been done in time with at most due diligence and high quality. Our target always is our client's satisfaction.

We believe very much in quote saying "Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities".

  • Mrs. Solaiman:  is the Managing Partner of the Challenge Law Firm, she has LLM degree in Law and has more then 16 years of experience in the Egyptian legal market.Before establishing Challenge Law Firm in 2010, she was practicing law in a multinational law firms for around 10 years. She has successfully handled many multinational clients’cases and has wide experience in troubleshooting claims, negotiations and dealing with client problems. Ms. Solaiman is specialized in Antitrust, civil, corporate , immigration, employment, IP and contract drafting.

  • Ms. Doaa Hussien, Partner at Challenge Law Firm, she graduated from Faculty of Law, Cairo University in 2000. Ms. Doaa is specialized in Media and Communication Laws, Antitrust, and Corporate laws.
  • Ms. Kamilia Mahmoud is a Litigation Senior Attorney, admitted to Egyptian Bar in 1995. Ms. Kamilia has extensive Court exposure Ms. Kamilia is specialized in arbitration and litigation fields. Ms. Kamilia is a founder member in the Arab Union of International Arbitration.
  • Mr. Mahmoud Nabil is a Senior Attorney, admitted to the Egyptian Bar in 2001. Mr. Mahmoud is specialized in commercial and corporate laws and, merger and acquisitions .
  • Mr. Ahmed Abdel Latif is a Senior Associate Attorney, admitted to the Egyptian Bar in 2004. Mr. Ahmed has extensive Court exposure. Mr. Ahmed is a founder member in the Arab Union of International Arbitration.
  • Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim is an Associate Attorney, admitted to Egyptian Bar Association in 2008. Mr. Mahmoud is specialized in corporate, merger and acquisitions .
  • Mr. M. Hussien, is an immigration senior officer, he has wide experience in immigration field. he has more over twenty years of experience in the immigration field and has acquired close working relationships with most governmental officers which gives him the flexibility to represent the clients and provide them with professional solutions for their problems.
  • Ms. Enas Youssef, is the office Manager  senior paralegal, with 14 years of experience ms. Enas is responsible for all client's affairs. 
  • Ms. Shree Ahmed, is a senior Paralegal, with around 12 years of experience. Ms. Shree assenting Ms. Solaiman and is responsible
  • for pro- bono work and quality control.
  •  Ms. Mahy El Kholy, is a staff paralegal, with around ten years of experience in legal field. Ms. Mahy assisting all the lawyers
  • Ms. May Mohsen, is a senior paralegal with around eight years of experience, Ms. May is looking after clients work and follow up with lawyers to ensure that the work has been done in its time and in a professional way.

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Your Business is very important to us as it is to you so, Challenge Law Firm is here to help you secure your business, gain your rights and fulfill your obligations.