Challenge Law Firm is hereby announces that it will be happy to answer any urgent queries related to Egyptian Laws through our What's APP applications free of charge. Also we will be happy to receive your queries on our facebook page to help you finalize your business faster. 

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We believe that social communication became very important since it is easy and fast methods. In the past you have to pass through long distance to sit with your lawyer and have a conversation; today, you may simply contact your lawyer ,any time, through different ways of communication without wasting time. Accordingly, you may reach us through many different means of communications web page, email, facebook page, twitter, What's App in our mob number listed herein under on our web and through linked in too. You may Also, schedule an appointment for a free consultation or reach out to us through mob number.

We are available from Sunday up to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. For emergency cases, you may contact us through email and you will find one of our consultants to guide you and support you or connect you with the relevant person to guide you. Challenge Law firm is always here by your side to support and help you. We really care about you and your business. 

New Maadi, Ahmed Kamel St. in front of Technology Park, Cairo. Egypt