Our Services

Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas. We bring a diverse background to the table, allowing us to advocate for our Clients in many areas of legal fields which gives Challenge Law Firm an edge when dealing with complex legal matters. No need to hire more than one attorney, we can provide you with comprehensive legal support in many areas.

We also manage ourselves to serve our clients based on a wide ground through covering many countries by partnering with many foreign partners worldwide which enables us to serve our clients whenever they were.  ​

Our Experience:

  1. Intellectual Property; we advised national, multinational and international clients regarding protection of their IP rights through conducting investigation and taking enforcement actions against  infringers, registering trademarks, copyrights , patents..etc.
  2. Sports law; we successfully  handled varies sports disputes for national and international players;
  3. Arbitration and litigation: we advised many of our clients on the enforcement of arbitration also, we advised our clients regarding drafting arbitration clauses in order to avoid being null and void;
  4. Tax laws: we advised our clients on tax matters and representing them before Tax authority regarding any tax dispute.
  5. Antitrust & Competition: we are advising our clients on antitrust matters and representing them before the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA).
  6. Labor Law: we advised our clients regarding drafting employment contracts terminating an employment contract, investigating with  an employee, annual raise, employees' redundancy...etc.
  7. Social Insurance: we are helping our clients to open social insurance file and advising them on social insurance issues to avoid any legal complications.. 
  8. Immigration Laws: we are  acting as a service provider for many large immigration firm world wide and advising our multinational and international clients regarding the best solutions to obtain work permits for their experts. Further, we advise and assist our clients to get the visas for any country.
  9. Corporate: we successfully established large number of varies legal entities whether LLC or Joint Stock and we also assisting our clients in drafting BODs and OGMs ....etc. and ratifying thereof from GAFI;
  10. Merger & Acquisitions: we are assigned to handle due diligence for our clients who wishes to acquire any new business and representing them before the competent authorities for finalizing the transaction;
  11. Aviation we representing our International Airline companies regarding any dispute arising in Egypt. 
  12. Drafting Legal and Reviewing Contracts: we successfully drafted varies legal contacts to our clients with national and international parts i.e. supply agreement, lease agreement, transfer of technology agreement, trademark license agreements franchise agreements, agency agreements, Distribution agreement, services agreement, settlement agreement, employment contract ..etc.
  13. Legalization Services: we successfully handled many legalization cases from varies Consulates in Egypt and have good connections with concerned parties.